Sunday School @ 9:00 AM
Morning Service @ 10:00 AM
Evening Service @ 5:00 PM

Mid-week Service @ 7:00 PM



FBC's bus ministry is used to pick up people who normally would not have a way to church.

    • Qualified workers and drivers with years of experience
    • Free Transportation
    • Singing, programs, contests, promotions, and incentives

If you would like more information about our bus ministry or would like to request a ride, please call 309-944-3735.

Building & Grounds

One way to serve the Lord is to work either inside the building doing cleaning, or outside the building maintaining the lawn.


We offer several things for our children including Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, King's Kids, and various other activities.


Our music is evangelistic and alive without compromising with the current trends of worldly music. We desire to uplift our Lord with Biblically sound music that is pleasing to Him.

    • The FBC adult choir sings for Sunday morning and evening services
    • There are opportunities to join vocal groups for men, ladies, quartets, duets and soloists as well as opportunities for teens
    • We have Special Day cantatas, dramas i.e. God and Country Sundays, Easter, and Christmas


All Sunday morning services are interpreted for the deaf community.

Food & Hospitality

With all the different fellowships and activities, a great way to serve the Lord is to be "behind the lines" serving and helping prepare meals for people.


Ladies In Fellowship Together is a monthly meeting of ladies for the purpose of fellowship, training, serving, and edifying.  The ladies meet the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month, and although the purpose remains the same, each month is different and enjoyable.

Missions Care

A unique way to minister to missionaries and their families is through Missions Care.  The people of FBC try to be a blessing to the missionaries through the year through encouragement, and when they are reporting to our church, we reach out to them with thoughtful gifts.

Nursing Home & Hospital

Since the residents of the convalescent homes cannot attend Sunday church services, we bring church to them. Every Sunday afternoon we sing, we pray, and we preach to folks at the hospital and at Liberty Village. It is our privilege and honor to minister to people in need.

Each Wednesday at 10 AM the ladies of FBC meet for a few hours to quilt. Once the quilts are finished, they are sent to help missionaries.


We have an exciting teen sports league for guys baskbetball and ladies volleyball.  We have both home games and away games for the season.

Sunday School

Bible study is a vital part of our church. Each class starts on Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M. for all ages. A free, clean and professionally staffed nursery is available for infants and toddlers. (A check-in system is provided for each parent--please, no sick infants.) Classes currently being taught with the Bible as our textbook are the following: 

    • 2-3 yr. olds
    • 4-5 yr. olds
    • 1st & 2nd grade
    • 3rd & 4th grade
    • 5th & 6th grade
    • Teens
    • Crossroads (Young Adults)
    • Harvesters (General Class)
    • Homebuilders (Couples)


This is a ministry that includes junior high and high school teens.  We meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.  

    • Teens are challenged through the Bible in class and encouraged to have a daily time with God in Bible reading and prayer time
    • Teens are also provided with the opportunity to participate in sports, choir, VBS, and various other ministries
    • Weekly, monthly and yearly activities include the following: Youth Conference, Summer camp, singspirations, and bonfires

Our goal is to help every single teenager in our youth group experience their full potential as a Christian young person. It is vitally important to have a place to call home and to have a ministry that will support and encourage your teens. We look forward to seeing you soon!

15300 Ford Rd Geneseo, IL 61254  |  Phone: (309) 944-3735